The leaking intellectual property

It has been a while to dispute the benefit of higher education in the U.S. One group insited that it is not fair that the colleges in the U.S. give scholarships to the foreign students during the training period such as their Ph.D program. Since they will return to their home land after getting the degree, the real impact of the education transfer to the foreign countries instead of staying in the U.S.

However, the others think the real adventage belong to the U.S. because of the competition among the students from all over the world. This high level of competition ultimately give a rise to innovate, invent and develop new technology. In addition, the beneficiaries will have a favor of maintaining the good relationship with the U.S. so they will support the U.S. politically too. Especially, in the long run, they think this policy will help the U.S.

Today, I read this article in economist, “Whose brains are draining?” This graph directly shows the negative relationship between each contry’s level of wealth and the level of intellectual property. In other words, as the level of wealth is high, the leakage of intellectual propery is low. Even though there is some outliers in this observation, it is unambiguous that the small coutry that has high GDP per capita doesn’t have the system to accomodate the innovative brain.

In sum, it is really interesting to find out that the correlation between GDP per capita and the drainage of the intellectual property. As we try to broaden our perspective as focusing unlimited competition without any border of country, there is not that much issue the loss of the intellectual property. Do we still need to worry about the losing the competition as the country level like Olympics or World cup?


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