Web Browser Industry

The secret of the market share in the web browser industry

As a few days ago, IE9 was launched by MS, the market for web browser will be more competitive in the future. Even though it looked really obvious that IE ruled the market until 2004, each market share from each web browser is as follows: IE( 60%), Firefox(23%), Chrome(7.5%), Safari(5%), Opera(3%).

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Market Share

There is a little bit of difference from the company that survey this but we can find critical variety of web brewer relative to the era of IE vs. Netscape. Especially, the market share of Firefox is bigger in Europe and South America. On the contrary, IE has the bigger market power in Asia and Africa. This is because MS supplied as IT support, low price policy or piracy.
Interestingly, Former Soviet Union countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and so on, are using Opera the most(40 – 50%) and the usage of Firefox relatively is high(20 – 30%) so the market share of IE is 10 – 15% only. For example, in Russia, the local search engine, ‘Yandex’ is superior to Google. Their preference to US product is low.
For Central Europe, for example, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and so on, the number one web browser is Firefox(40 – 50%). Surprisingly, the origin of Opera, Norway only has 6% of market share. On the contrary, Western Europe have high IE market share traditionally. These all trend are coming from the perception of US product from the old “Cold War” era and the preference of new technology.
In Asia, Firefox has 10 – 15% of market share on average. In Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma and so on have more than 30% of share. Especially, Indonesia has 77%. In Africa, Cameroon, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda have a higher share of Firefox user. These countries are affected by European country and English is one of their official languages.
The choice among the web browsers and other softwares depends on the characteristics of citizens, the development and the length of IT industry. For example, in Africa it is obvious that modern web browser will be selected because of the compatibility of low-pricing computer and Linux operating system. Therefore open source software like Firefox can be a promising alternative for the commercial softwares.


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